Neue Nationalgalerie


The Neue Nationalgalerie is located in the Kulturforum Berlin. The building was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and is a Modern Art Museum.  The museum is currently closed for renovations. Due to reopen in 2019.


Besides from housing works of art, the building itself is a landmark of modern architecture. The majority of the exhibition rooms are located underground leaving a single free plan space above ground. Under the shadow of a huge steel roof, this free plan space acts as an entrance and an exhibition hall. The roof seems to float above its glass walls. As the museum is currently closed the building is deserted. This only emphasises the architectural effects. This museum should be on the list of any art lover traveling around Berlin. Furthermore, anybody interested in the buildings architecture should try and visit while it is closed, as you will get a rare glimpse at the building in its purest form.

Did you know?:

Not only was this the only building designed by Mies that was built in Germany after world war two but it was his last major construction. The building was commissioned by the Berlin Senate in 1962 and is a protected monument by the State of Berlin.

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