The Cecil Brewer Staircase

Details: The Cecil Brewer staircase is located in Heal’s furniture shop on Tottenham Court Road in London. Information: The staircase is located in Heal’s flagship store and is illuminated by a Bocci chandelier. This chandelier consists of 64 hand blown glass orbs which cascade from the ceiling. The chandelier was designed by Omer Arbel. The helical Read more about The Cecil Brewer Staircase[…]

The Nereid Monument

Details: The Nereid Monument is a sculpted tomb from the classical city of Xanthos in Lycia (Modern day Turkey). The reconstructed monument is located in Room 17 of the British Museum in London. Information: The ruins were discovered by Charles Fellows in the 1840s and were shipped to the British Museum. The eastern facade of Read more about The Nereid Monument[…]

The David

Details: Sculpted by Michelangelo in 1501/4, the David stands at 517 centimeters tall (491 centimeters from head to foot) and is located in the Galleria dell’Academia. Information: The David was carved from a single block of marble and was originally commissioned to adorn one of the buttresses of Santa Maria del Fiore. The proportions of the figure’s body are adjusted Read more about The David[…]