Wind and Water


A bronze statue located on the University College Dublin campus grounds. Sculpted by Paddy Campbell this piece stands almost 5 meters tall.


Campbell is an Irish born artist who resides in Florence. In 2013, at the age of 70, he had an exhibition in the Palazzo Medici Ricardi Museum where he unveiled two new works for the first time. One of these sculptures was Wind and Water. The sculpture depicts a dance between two figures representing wind and water and is located amidst these elements, piercing the sky on the edge of a lake. Campbell produced another version of this piece depicting the Wind and Sea and this can be seen at New Castle Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Did you know?:

Campbell stated off his career in a completely different field, that of culinary arts. He had set up a catering company which later led him to take over the famous Bewley’s cafe and coffee business in Dublin. It was later in his life when he decided to pursue art in Florence. Campbell has spent the last 20 years producing sculptures for exhibitions in world famous galleries as well as private commissions including one for a former president of Ireland, Mary McAleese. 

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