Theatre Epidaurus


This theatre was designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC and is located in the archaeological site in Epidaurus.

Information:The theatre is one of the best preserved examples of ancient Greek architecture. The precisely proportioned theatre boasts incredible acoustics, where each spectator holds a prime position. As seen in the theatre in Argos (the hometown of Polykleitos the younger), the Epidaurus theatre contains the only other example of a circular orchestra. The theatre itself was extended from thirty-four rows to fifty-five rows (divided into 34 sections) by the Romans and can now seat up to 15,000 people. Incredibly, the theatre still comprises of approximately 90% of its original material. This is an architectural gem and should be one of the highlights for any travelling art and architecture enthusiast. Furthermore, since 1954 an annual festival takes place in the theatre – The Athens Epidaurus Festival.

Did you known?

Polykleitos the younger was the son of the Greek sculptor Polykleitos. Polykleitos is known for his sculptures of athletes which showcase ideal proportions, for example the Doryphoros. Hence, it is of no surprise that the work produced by Polykleitos the Younger also showcased ideal proportion. However, this was done by architectural means in his theatre in order to generate perfect acoustics. 

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