The Red Cube

Details: The Red Cube is a painted steel sculpture by the artist Isamu Noguchi and is located at 140 Broadway in Manhattan. Information: The sculpture was installed in 1968 and plays off its architectural environment. The cube is balancing on one point, juxtaposing the grounded structures surrounding it. The sculpture is not actually in the shape Read more about The Red Cube[…]

The Titans

Details: Titans is a pointillist mural painted by the artist Lumen Martin Winter and is located in the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan. Information: Not only is the UN Headquarters in Manhattan an internationally known building but it also houses works of art from around the world. The mural seen in the adjacent photograph was painted Read more about The Titans[…]

The Statue of Liberty

Details: The Statue of Liberty is a 46 meter tall copper statue upon a 47 meter base, located on Liberty Island in New York City.  Information: In 1874 Edouard de Laboulaye set up the Franco-Americaine Union which wished to create a monument to commemorate the relationship between France and the United States. This was an expensive Read more about The Statue of Liberty[…]