Back in Black


Back in Black is a sculpture produced by Adrian Tranquilli in 2005.


This sculpture of Batman has been included in a few of Tranquilli’s exhibits featuring superheroes. It was included in the 2008 (July – August) exhibit entitled ‘Heroes: The Route of Exposure’. This installation consists of a sculpture of the comic book superhero Batman kneeling on charcoal. The materials used include polystyrene, resin and charcoal. The figure is life sized with dimension of 120 x 200 x 140 centimetres. 

It was later installed in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples in Tranquilli’s retrospective exhibit entitled ‘Days of Future Past’ which ran from April 2nd to June 6th 2016. This sculpture along with many other sculptures of superheroes and pop culture icons were integrated among the ancient sculptures of the museum creating an interesting juxtaposition of mythical heroes and superheroes. This sculpture of Batman was placed opposite a similar installation of the comic book superhero Spiderman, while standing between these two installations was the ancient sculpture of ‘Hercules at Rest’

Did you known?

Adrian Tranquilli has excursively made works of art depicting superheroes and characters from comic books. The title of his retrospective, ‘Days of Future Past’ was taken from the 1981 X-Men series of comic books and the title of its subsequent feature film in 2014.

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