The Red Cube


The Red Cube is a painted steel sculpture by the artist Isamu Noguchi and is located at 140 Broadway in Manhattan.


The sculpture was installed in 1968 and plays off its architectural environment. The cube is balancing on one point, juxtaposing the grounded structures surrounding it. The sculpture is not actually in the shape of a cube but rather is stretched along its vertical axis, drawing the viewer’s eye upwards and mimicking the towering effect of the surrounding skyscrapers. The vibrant red of the sculpture makes it stand out from the dull colours of the environment, while the hole punctured through the cube focuses the viewers attention directly onto the detailing of the architectural background. This detail can be seen in the adjoining photograph. The steel frame of the 28 foot tall sculpture is covered in aluminium to protect it from the weather. This mirrors the cladding on the Marine Midland Building at who’s entrance the sculpture is installed. 

Did you know?:

The sculpture is located in Manhattan’s Financial district and thus the ‘die’ like shape of the cube and its delicate positioning allude to the fragility and gambling involved in the financial markets.

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