The Titans


Titans is a pointillist mural painted by the artist Lumen Martin Winter and is located in the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan.


Not only is the UN Headquarters in Manhattan an internationally known building but it also houses works of art from around the world. The mural seen in the adjacent photograph was painted by Lumen Martin Winter to commemorate the 1970 United Nations World Youth Assembly. The context of the work can be clearly seen as five figures of different colour, representing the five continents, are illustrated united around a depiction of the earth and are moving from darkness into the light. This reflects the Youth Assembly which was the first of its kind conducted by the United Nations and involved 646 youths from around the world, who discussed issues such as education and peace. This mural takes up an entire wall as it measure eight feet tall and is eighteen feet long. If given the opportunity to visit the UNHQ make sure to cross it’s art collection off your bucket-list.

Did you know?:

Titan was painted in 1972 and is the only painting commissioned by the General Assembly and is the only american made work of art in the United Nations Headquarters. It was funded by the money donated to the Youth assembly.

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