In Utero


In Utero is a sculpture produced by David Černý in 2013 and is located on Dlouhá Street in the Old town of Prague.


Černý is known for his controversial public sculptures which are described as ‘hooliganism’. One of his more recognizable installations are the Babies located in Kampa Park.

The stainless steel sculpture is six meters tall. The figure of a nude pregnant woman is formed in an arrangement of cubes, appearing like a pixelated image. The figure is positioned on her knees, with her arms stretched out and placed behind her head, making her pregnant belly the dominant feature of the sculpture.

In Utero is located on a traffic island and is not easily missed. This sculpture is part of a sculptural project called ‘Sculpture City Point’, which was organised gallery dvorak sec contemporary.

Did you know?

There is an opening at the bottom of the sculpture where viewers can gaze into the uterus of the sculpture.

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