The Babies


The Babies are sculptures by David Černý and are located in Kampa Park, Prague.


Černý is a sculptor who, in his own words, “enjoys pissing people off” and is known for making controversial sculptures. There are three of these bronze statues located next to the Kampa Museum. There are also a series of ten of the same sculptures, made of fiberglass, on the Žižkov Television Tower. This is the highest tower in the Czech Republic and the Babies can be seen from across the city of Prague. This tower is a symbol of the communist era and the presence of the Babies imply stifled growth under a totalitarian rule. Each baby has a ‘slot-machine’ impression on their face, as seen in the accompanying photograph.

Did you know?:

The Babies were first displayed in New York in 1994. The Babies Project was commissioned by the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Arts but fell through as money ran out. When Prague was made the European Culture Capital in 2000, the Babies were installed on the Žižkov Television Tower. 

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